Digital Heritage Play Lab

This project presents ‘digital heritage’ experiences inspired by Goa. The Digital Heritage Play Lab encourages people to explore Goan heritage through emergent media experiences and platforms. We are surrounded by objects, places and practices that have been a part of the quintessential Goan household and community for centuries. The exhibit is a medley of heritage projects in immersive media and interactive storytelling showcasing works by three research and design collectives—Quicksand, Tandem, and Greenhouse—that work at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

Through a gallery of ‘Heritage Playthings’ featuring augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 film, gamification, app design and transmedia storytelling, the project aims to bridge the gap between Goan heritage and modern audiences. A highlight of the project is an interactive storytelling smartphone app for discovering Panjim, arising from a collaboration with prominent historian, Vivek Menezes, as we discover the charming city through an entertaining narrative of nine of his favourite locations.