Ecological Spaces: Exploratory Walks

The Travelling Dome is conducting five ecology walks around Panjim city. The region lies in the midst of rivers, beaches, wetlands, mangroves, creeks and springs. This fascinating watershed area supports a variety of plants, birds, reptiles and aquatic creatures. Your participation shall help in calling attention to these fragile ecosystems that are key to sustainable living. Participants shall visit different ecosystems to experience its rich biodiversity and to understand the vital ‘eco services’ they provide. We shall discuss how these ecosystems work, what are the threats to it and what remedial actions can help in preserving them.
Participants shall also have the opportunity to collaboratively make ‘public art’ to celebrate the beauty of nature and to generate awareness about ecological concerns. These 2-hour walks shall give you insight into Goa’s natural heritage and traditional culture. Snacks at a local, traditional food joint will provide additional flavour!


December 18, 2018 / 8am – 10am
Mangrove Ecosystem
A walk through the distinctive mangrove landscape and manmade ‘khazan’ lands of Goa. The ‘kahazans’ dating back to thousands of years is a traditional system of mud embankments, sluice gates and water channels that helps protect Goa’s coastline, provides food security and harbours rich biodiversity. It is an opportunity to discover unique species like mudskippers, crabs and wetland birds amongst the mangroves. Participants may collect treasures like shells of clams and snails, mangrove pods and leaves, bird feathers and crab claws. This collection shall be artfully arranged to create a collaborative artwork.

December 19, 2018 / 8am – 10am
Beach Ecosystem
We go to a lesser known beach where we discover tiny creatures in the sand and rocks, we observe birds and beach vegetation, we watch fishermen bring in their boats and examine their fresh catch. We also visit a unique chapel and a mysterious cave. Together we make sand art on the beach with a message to protect beach ecology.

December 20, 2018 / 8am – 10am
The Natural Springs of Panjim
We visit the revered historical springs of Panjim, walk through the fascinating tunnels, learn about their natural and cultural importance and observe their special architectural features. We collect fresh water samples and also help pick up any litter. We use these to make an art installation at the spring that highlights the importance of preserving fresh water sources.

December 21, 2018 / 8am – 10am
The St. Inez Creek walk
This walk charts the course of the creek as it runs through the heart of the city. We walk through heritage city areas and over historic bridges. We observe the ecological hotspots along the way and learn about its polluted state. We look at citizen’s initiatives to help restore the creek through floating gardens. Participants add to this initiative by making little flotillas that attach to the floating island.

December 22, 2018 / 8am – 10am
The City Tree Walk
The heart of Panjim city is lined with majestic avenue trees that keep it cool and green. There are also public parks and gardens with several unique tree species. Along the beach stretch is a mini city forest. As we walk through the areas we discover the city’s rich natural heritage and the biodiversity it supports. At the end of the walk we adopt a tree to make an artwork around it calling attention to the importance of trees in the city.

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