Holi ki Raas Leela

The performance, which is laden with an age-old tradition and the abundance of flowers, accounts for Krishna’s ‘raas-leela’ with the gopis. Travelling from the land of Vrindavan to the coastal region of Goa, the spirited dance engages a variety of colours, movements, and sounds.

Shri Radha Kripa Raaslila Sansthan was formed by Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma in the year 2000, to spread Indian religious literatures, devotion, and universal brotherhood by performing unique and extraordinary ancient culture of ‘Raas-lila’ (i.e. pastimes of Sri Radha-Krishna). Underthe leadership of Swamiji, the trust has performed Raas-lila in many countries like Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong and Nepal, including many other countries on behalf of Indian Govt. to highlight Braja culture on the world map and got International recognition.

Rasacharya Swami Fatehkrishna Sharma was born in 1948, in a Braja Village named Dhamsinga in the district of Mathura. Along with his studies, Swami ji started playing the role of Krishna in Raas-lila, for which he gained fame all over India. When he was only 20 years old he formed his own Raas-lila group. SwamiJi is the first person to travel far and wide to immerse people in Bhakti Bhava and expand the indian religious literatures and culture, in order to invoke the spirit of truthfulness, faithfulness, religion, non-violence, devotion to duty and universal brotherhood. In 1994, he was honored by the National Sangeet Natak Academy, received from the President of India for his outstanding dedication to Raas-lila.