Serendipity Barefoot School of Craft: Made in Goa

The Barefoot School of Craft is a unique architectural project that was initiated in the previous edition of the festival. The first stage was accomplished by creating a vision, through the selection of fifteen models in architectural competition, which were displayed at Serendipity Arts Festival, 2017. This year, a residency in Goa with the architects from the 9th to 21st May, 2018 allowed us to turn the vision into a design for a pavilion that will function as a talking, working, and collaborative space, bringing together architects, craftspeople,the curator, students of the BSC and visitors. We seek to inaugurate the pavilion prior to the festival as a space for the local community to make and buy products historic and new Goa crafts. The programme will start from November 2018 and end in February 2019, with workshops, pedagogical talks, and discussions taking place every week.