Re-Learning: Future Forward Arts Education & Programming

With the worst of the COVID 19 pandemic behind us, the world has slid back to “the way things were”. Despite this emphasis on “we’re back to normal”, somewhere we know that things have subtly (and not so subtly), inexorably changed. The arts industry particularly faced myriad challenges, be it funding, programming or sustainability. Institutions have had to shift their focus, change their programmes, attract new and varied audiences and plan for new futures. The overlaps between spaces like museums, arts colleges, libraries and other cultural institutions seem more urgent than ever, especially in a world where the focus on multi and interdisciplinary practice is becoming the norm. In this discussion, we will hear from different institutional perspectives with regards to their future forward plans with a special emphasis on knowledge sharing and educational programming in the arts. What were the learnings? What are the challenges? What could the future hold? \

Speakers: Dr. Paul Thompson, Jamie Andrews, Kamini Sawhney, Joyoti Roy

Moderated by Vidya Shivadas

Date: 18 December 2023

Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Venue: ESG Auditorium

Past Program