The Dairy Traditions from Colonisation and Migration

There are two significant colonisation episodes that have shaped Indian dairy: the Portuguese brought Chenna to West Bengal and the Parsis brought fresh cheese making techniques to western India. This workshop starts by introducing guests to the traditional cheese making practices of Central Asia and Europe. What the Parsis brought to India with them was this tradition. The facilitator will then demonstrate how to make fresh milk jelly coagulated by rennet, following which fresh chhena will be prepared alongside discussions on how it is different from paneer. This workshop will also focus on a more compact, salty, and smoked form, known as Bandel cheese.

Curated by: Thomas Zacharias and the Locavore Team

Facilitated by: Chef Aditya Raghavan

Date: 16 December 2023

Time: 2 PM - 3 PM

Venue: The Food Lab, Old GMC Complex

Past Program