PWD Complex

SAF is debuting a new space for the arts for SAF 2017! The PWD Complex is a cluster of beautiful Portuguese-style villas flanked by the Panaji canal. Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be used in this pretty complex featuring visual arts, experimental theatre and photography.

Events at PWD Complex

Young Subcontinent

The Young Subcontinent project will showcase the works of young, emerging artists from across the Indian subcontinent. The project aims to retrieve the shared histories and pasts of the countries that constitute the subcontinent, and which now lie under the ..Read More ›

Dharti Arts Residency

Special Project This exhibition will showcase the work of six artists who were selected to be part of a 3-month long residency facilitated by Serendipity Arts Trust. This holistic and thematic residency was based equally in theory and practice, allowing ..Read More ›

Celebrating the Extraordinary Grandeur of Smallness” derives inspiration from the writings of botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer's book on mosses. It is the 3rd project in the UNSUNG series. Published by photographer Mahesh Bhat, the first volume UNSUNG and the second ..Read More ›

Nature Untamed

Nature Untamed is a series of stunning photographs by wildlife photographer Anup Shah. An immediate and intimate approach to these magnificent creatures  gives a surprising feeling of the vastness of the landscape of Maasai Mara. According to Shah, "I wanted ..Read More ›

Quality Street

Quality Street, based on the story by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie, is the story of a mother and daughter, set in Lagos, Nigeria, but can be transposed, with a few details changed, to several cities across the world. The entire ..Read More ›

Workshops Calling all mothers, fathers and grandparents over 60! Serendipity Arts Festival and Accelerated Intimacy invite you to participate in “Dance Like A Mother”, a workshop-performance exploring the ways in which we are becoming our parents, or versions of them ..Read More ›

Dance Like A Mother

Performance A workshop-performance piece by the theatre group Accelerated Intimacy, Dance Like A Mother is a performance piece about growing old and discovering that we are slowly becoming our parents or versions of them - through the use of drag, ..Read More ›

Dark Borders

Critically acclaimed director Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry’s production Dark Borders is a performance of free-flowing embodied texts based on translations of Saadat Hasan Manto.  The play explores the devastation brought upon women and families during times of migration, loss and ..Read More ›

Dumb Wait-err

This production is an interpretation of Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter, adapted to Hindi by theatre person Tushar Pandey and performed in an experimental manner. Including elements such as video and CCTV cameras, this show challenges traditional notions of spectatorship ..Read More ›