Projects / Processes

Research and Writing from Serendipity Arts Festival

Projects / Processes is an initiative launched by Serendipity Arts Foundation in 2017 to publish commissioned research essays, longform writing, and in-depth criticism that explore the ideas and processes behind select curatorial projects at Serendipity Arts Festival. Over three years, the Festival has accumulated a rich database of creative energies and partnerships. As an eight-day long event, the Festival is a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration and cultural innovation, and has commissioned over 90 new works across the visual and performing arts since its inception in 2016. The Projects / Processes series offers an opportunity to give some of these works and the stories that they tell continued life, through a deeply engaged look at how they came together and their significance to the discourse of contemporary art in India moving forward. Each volume comprises essays covering distinct projects that stand in some dialogue with each other, through the questions they raise and the thematic landscape they cover.

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KANIKA ANAND | Project Head and Editor, Projects / Processes 2017
Kanika Anand is a Delhi based art writer and curator. She holds a Master’s degree in History of Art from the National Museum Institute, India and has been curatorial fellow at the Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, 2012-13.  She has worked extensively with galleries and alternative spaces such as Exit Art and the Gagosian Gallery in the United States, the Centre National d’Art Contemporain in France and with Exhibit 320 and Gallery Espace in India. She is the Founder of Parked-At, a roving exhibition platform, presenting alternative modes of viewing, engagement and participation and is the Exhibition Coordinator for the first edition of the Indian Ceramics Triennale, Breaking Ground: Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, 2018.

Contributors, Projects / Processes 2017
Arnav Adhikar | Debashree Mukherjee | Khorshed Deboo | Sabih Ahmed | Anuj Daga | Vidya Shivadas | Kanika Anand | Deepa Bhasthi | Ranjana Dave | Gargi Bharadwaj | Niveditha Kuttaiah | Kanika Makhija | Prayas Abhinav | Shaikh John Bashur

SENJUTI MUKHERJEE | Project Head and Editor, Projects / Processes 2018
Senjuti Mukherjee studied Comparative Literature and Arts and Aesthetics at Jadavpur University and Jawaharlal Nehru University respectively. Since 2013, she has catalogued and researched visual arts collections and related archives with organisations such as Osian’s, Eka Cultural Resources, and DAG, focussing on film publicity memorabilia, various photographic mediums and processes, and political theatre. At DAG, she has also curated a film programme called Art on Film screening films on and by Indian modern artists. In addition, she has worked closely with several exhibitions of the contemporary arts during her time at Nature Morte.

In the recent years, she has been exploring the material culture of the celluloid medium, cinematic and photographic apparatus, and undergone training in celluloid preservation and conservation at workshops held by the FIAF and Film Heritage Foundation. Currently, she’s curating a research module on celluloid film studios and laboratories of erstwhile Madras for Sahapedia’s online archive.

Contributors, Projects / Processes 2018
Sabeena Gadihoke | Mila Samdub | Ranjana Dave | Maya Palit | Bharathy Singaravel | Skye Arundhati Thomas | Akhila Vimal | Amitava Sanyal | Kamayani Sharma | Trina Nileena Banerjee | Meenakshi Thirukode | Aveek Sen | Latika Gupta | Rahaab Allana | Senjuti Mukherjee | Rose Merin | Vivek Menezes