The Ground Beneath My Feet

Special Project

Serendipity Arts Festival is pleased to present The Ground Beneath My Feet, an exhibition of cutting edge performance art from around the world.

Situated on a barge docked at Captain of Ports Jetty on the Mandovi River in Goa, the exhibition explores the rapidly transforming relationship between human bodies, their natural environments, and technological infrastructures.

Barges in Goa transport large cargo of iron ore and minerals across inland waterways and ports as far as the Arabian Sea. Against a backdrop of the corroding history of industrialisation and the reverberating sirens of maritime trade, this exhibition reckons with the turbulent waters of geopolitics today, hinting at unrealised utopias and dark unknowable pasts. With bodies hauled along the rising seas and fragmented landscapes, the performance artworks and barge come together in this exhibition to pose the question: what is the ground beneath our feet?

The performance artworks in the exhibition are unique pieces that each of the eight artists have composed and will execute live, in-situ. Vishal K. Dar, as Mise-en-scene Director of the exhibition, brings to life the barge through three distinct immersive environments (Fathom, Time Oars, and Azimuth) that will reshape the site over the eight days of the Festival.

The Ground Beneath My Feet is part of After Event: Performance Art and its Mediations, a collaboration between Serendipity Arts Trust, HH Art Spaces, and Asia Art Archive in India.


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