Once upon a time... is a dance statement on the power of imagination.

It is a concept that brings together multiple art forms under one roof—dance, storytelling, music, craft, puppetry, illustration and magic.

It gets you curious, makes you wonder, urges you to be inquisitive and most importantly, believe, in looking beyond the ordinary. Through movement art and fairy tales, the concept attempts to show how imagination and creativity is a core essential and if nurtured, can become a strong tool to nurture life skills...

The theme unfolds in a household space, and travels with three dance artistes, each supported by a unique collaborator, narrating a known fairy tale in an unfamiliar fashion. The performance takes the audience into a journey through time and space. The choice of not staging it in a regular proscenium space furthers the thought that creativity is easily accessible to every individual, especially children and intends to infuse their living space with playful enthusiasm.

Dance is used as a medium to visually translate popular fairy tales into the young minds.The process makes them question the plot, offer alternative interpretation, challenge perspectives, be pro-active with the artiste and enjoy live entertainment as an alternate to digital games.

The concept structure is divided into two sections—first a performance followed by a short workshop. The workshop is designed around child-parent interaction and bonding. This is a process using the strengths of performance, leading to creative teaching and movement exploration. This will be an active participatory capsule involving child and parent interaction, which culminates in a role reversal from an audience to a performer.