Curated By Aneesh Pradhan

A favourite of the audiences! Given the success of the last editions of River Raga project, this edition of the Festival will see the musical ferries being revisited—with more showtimes and different artists, these cruises will happen throughout the Festival. 

16 December, Monday
Chintan Upadhyay (vocal)
Sukhad Munde (pakhawaj) 

18 December, Wednesday
Ranjani Ramchandran (vocal)
Raya Korgaonkar (harmonium)
Mayank Bedekar (tabla)

19 December, Thursday
Vinayak Chittar (sitar)
Mayank Bedekar (tabla) 

20 December, Friday
Jayteerth Mevundi (vocal)
Raya Korgaonkar (harmonium)
Uday Kulkarni (tabla)

21 December, Saturday
Arnab Chakrabarty (sarod)
​Mayank Bedekar (tabla)