• Uniquely Goan

    Uniquely Goan

    A series of workshops on Goan cuisine and specialties conducted by renowned chefs.

  • Mahua (Uniquely Goan)

    Mahua (Uniquely Goan)

    A session exploring the history, typology and eco-system for the cultivation and consumption of 'Mahua'. The information session will be followed by Mahua tastings and Q&A.

  • Traditional Goan Bread Making (Uniquely Goan)

    Traditional Goan Bread Making (Uniquely Goan)

    The workshop on ‘Traditional Goan Bread Making’ led by Shaeen and Wilson Gomes, will focus on how Goan bread came into existence, the making of different types of bread, and how the bread making occupation is perceived in today’s ‘Modern Goa’ and the various...

  • Celluloid Karigar   Handmade Film Workshop

    Celluloid Karigar Handmade Film Workshop

    The practice of using found objects to create a work of art finds its origins in modernist art movements of the twentieth century. Avant-garde filmmakers adopted the practice using found film footage in other contexts to create new meaning. The process of assemblage became a means for filmmakers...

  • Kalaripayattu: Lecture Demonstration & Workshop

    Kalaripayattu: Lecture Demonstration & Workshop

    Lecture Demonstration and Workshop on Kalarippayattu:                                                                   ...

  • Space and Sound

    Space and Sound

    A THEATRE WORKSHOP Space and listening are fundamental starting points of our work as actors and theatre makers. We all arrive with our unique experiences and backgrounds into the shared space of a creative process and gradually learn how to hear each other. This intensive workshop will...

  • Curioso Corners

    Curioso Corners

    Last year, at SAF 2018, Curioso was the 'DIY' Partner and held all-day 'Curioso Corners' and multiple workshops at Children’s (Art) Park with the support of Camlin providing materials. This year, Curioso Corners will be programmed with all-day activities with...

  • Senses 4.0

    Senses 4.0

    A combination of tactile art, workshops, curated walks and activities aiming to make the festival more accessible to less abled audience members. This year, the programming will incorporate workshops that address various facets of mental health and well-being.

  • Nhoi—The Big Reveal

    Nhoi—The Big Reveal

    The Nhoi: Goa River Draw project is India’s largest single collaborative drawing and its 80.6 metres of vibrant imagery is a magnum opus of the imagination and a true celebration of the innate and thriving creativity of people everywhere. Throughout 2018 over 500 adults and children...

  • Dance Outreach Programme

    Dance Outreach Programme

    SAF will be continuing the highly successful Dance Outreach program in Government High Schools of the Keri, Morlem and Surla from 2018, as well as hoping to expand the program to more schools. In 2018, the outreach was structured as a five-day workshop conducted by a classical dancer and a...

  • Healing Culinary Legacies

    Healing Culinary Legacies

    Workshop on Flower Remedies and Herbs for Serendipity Festival, Goa by Ruchi Jain and Poonam Jain A two-hour workshop which would provide an overview of Bach flower remedies with an introduction to flowers of common trees and fruits; preparation, uses and administration of Indian...

  • Curated Accessible Walkthroughs (Senses 4.0)

    Curated Accessible Walkthroughs (Senses 4.0)

    Access for ALL will develop a series of accessible walkthroughs of select exhibitions on display at Serendipity Arts Festival. The walkthroughs will feature specially designed activity worksheets for student participants from Sanjay School, Umang School and National Association for the Blind...

  • Mind Magnet (Senses 4.0)

    Mind Magnet (Senses 4.0)

    An art workshop designed to provide positive distraction from anxieties.

  • Neon Mandala Art (Senses 4.0)

    Neon Mandala Art (Senses 4.0)

    Experience a blissful day of spiritual connection, rebalancing and self-integration with this art workshop focused on the practice and philosophy of Mandalas.

  • Excel @ Pixel (Sense 4.0)

    Excel @ Pixel (Sense 4.0)

    In this workshop participants will learn how to make a pixelated avatars of different object. This session aims and focus and concentration. The workshop is ideal for restless and anxious minds.

  • 3 Finger Art (Senses 4.0)

    3 Finger Art (Senses 4.0)

  • Splash Art (Senses 4.0)

    Splash Art (Senses 4.0)

    A workshop open for all, and specifically focused on participants with autism. Participants learn how a splash is animated with 3d Objects!

  • Table of 4 (Senses 4.0)

    Table of 4 (Senses 4.0)

  • Blindfold Photography (Senses 4.0)

    Blindfold Photography (Senses 4.0)

  • Text Zentangle Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Text Zentangle Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    A wonderfully creative relaxing process of turning simple drawn patterns into artistic designs. Zentangle calms the mind, helps to reduce stress and improve focus.

  • DIY Zine (Senses 4.0)

    DIY Zine (Senses 4.0)

    A do-it-yourself zine workshop for school children!

  • Memories That Touched Me – Blindfold Collage Art (Senses 4.0)

    Memories That Touched Me – Blindfold Collage Art (Senses 4.0)

    Can you craft a collage on through sense of touch and memory? A great way of celebrating a memory/thought that has been dangling in your subconscious mind. The workshop is open to general...

  • Blockprinting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Blockprinting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

  • Charcoal Smudge (Senses 4.0)

    Charcoal Smudge (Senses 4.0)

  • Clay Animation (Sense 4.0)

    Clay Animation (Sense 4.0)

  • Yog-Art (Senses 4.0)

    Yog-Art (Senses 4.0)

    Ever thought of what would happen if Yoga met Art? Be a part of this body-twisting workshop infused with art.

  • Zine Me Up (Senses 4.0)

    Zine Me Up (Senses 4.0)

    A special workshop for all who are and have struggled with mental health concerns designed to provide an opportunity to express their emotions creatively. The workshop is aimed to assist people with depression or stress to feel valued and empowered and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Coffee Painting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

    Coffee Painting Workshop (Senses 4.0)

  • Chef's Workshops

    Chef's Workshops

    A series of workshops conducted by Chef María José San Román (Monastrell), Chef Alfred Prasad (Omya) and Chef Manish Mehrotra (Indian Accent).

  • Curated Dinner

    Curated Dinner

    A meal conducted and curated by Chef María José San Román (Monastrell), Chef Alfred Prasad (Omya) and Chef Manish Mehrotra (Indian Accent).

  • Chef's Legacy – James Ferriera

    Chef's Legacy – James Ferriera

    James Ferriera and his cousin Glenda Fernandez will demonstrate their unique breads called Fuggia and Chittiapp, along with two traditional dishes using the famous bottle masala.

  • Home Cooks at Children's Park

    Home Cooks at Children's Park

    Lunches prepared by home cooks, served in the lush surroundings of Children's Park, Panjim. This will be supplemented with two stalls by local restaurants—inviting visitors to taste the lesser-known flavors of Goa.

  • Ek - Minute Film Workshop

    Ek - Minute Film Workshop

    Presenting a case for 16mm film is akin to presenting a case for cinema itself. Everything from experimental film to cineme verite documentary to pornography were created on the medium. The digitalisation of cinema has led to 16mm film being pushed to the fringes of the artform. Despite this,...

  • Fermentation Workshop

    Fermentation Workshop

    Rahul Akerkar’s culinary practice is about mixing his passion for life, food and science, and he has succeeded in blending these key ingredients into a career as one of Mumbai’s leading restaurant moguls. Regarded as the pioneer of the independent chef-restaurateur-run eateries in...

  • Chef's Legacy – Thomas Zacharias

    Chef's Legacy – Thomas Zacharias

    The theme of Chef Thomas's workshop is the #IndianFoodMovement. It encapsulates his efforts towards changing perceptions and understanding and appreciating Indian regional cuisines. It delves into our deep-rooted culinary traditions and diverse indigenous ingredients. The aim is to get...

  • Culinary Legacies

    Culinary Legacies

    “Legacy” … it is a word that comes with a lot of responsibility. As Indians we are blessed to have inherited a complex, diverse and rich culinary tradition. Every generation inherits an artistic legacy, and it is their duty to grow and pass on that legacy to the next...

  • Urban Reimagined 2.0

    Urban Reimagined 2.0

    On 19 December 1961, Goa, along with Daman and Diu, was organised as a centrally administered union territory of India under Operation Vijay. Dayanand Bandodkar of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) was named the first Chief Minister of Goa. His dream project—the Salaulim Dam was...

  • Look, Stranger!

    Look, Stranger!

    Look, Stranger! is a trans-media curatorial project that draws on the aesthetic ideologies and approaches to image-making and materiality as cultivated by the Bauhaus, which celebrates 100 years in 2019. The project will travel across South Asia (and its diaspora) in search of emerging...

  • Goa Familia

    Goa Familia

    The Goa Familia Project is conceived as an evolving archive that explores and documents the multidimensional aspects of family histories. Directed at seeking out physical material such as photographs, postcards, ancestral heirlooms and memorabilia, as well as oral and recorded histories, the...

  • India on Film - Film Screenings

    India on Film - Film Screenings

    It happened about a decade ago, ‘film’ as a medium was discarded by the film industry, almost overnight. Decades worth of knowledge, equipment and processes were put aside and the craft of ‘making’ a film was sealed shut in boxes, forgotten in storage. The digital age...

  • Merchant of Images

    Merchant of Images

    Artist and curator, Aradhana Seth’s mobile photo studio project ‘The Merchant of Images’ is an ongoing transnational conversation, led by the act of photography. Seth invites the public into the slower, more considered space of the old-fashioned photo studio, to a time when the...

  • Image Journeys: The Conquest of the World as Picture

    Image Journeys: The Conquest of the World as Picture

    The exhibition offers a critical viewing of popular Indian imagery at the turn of the twentieth century in the construction of its social and national identities. This includes approximately 200...

  • Work in Progress (Working Title)

    Work in Progress (Working Title)

    This project aims to present indigenous inventions and informal industries that have origins in catering to real life circumstantial needs with lasting social impact on communities at large. The exhibition will highlight the need to support and nurture various indigenous approaches for the...

  • Counter-Canon Counter-Culture: Alternative Histories of Indian Art

    Counter-Canon Counter-Culture: Alternative Histories of Indian Art

    The history of postcolonial Indian art is usually told from within the confines of the art world, as a sequence of long-lived styles and short-lived movements, avant-garde aspirations and institutional trends, artist groups and art schools. In the present exhibition, Nancy Adajania will...

  • Concrete Skies

    Concrete Skies

    The highway leading in and out of Panjim—National Highway no.17 or ironically renamed route 66—with its many branches of flyovers and exit roads, has created the impression that we might as well be getting ready for war. It is not an easy relationship to concrete that the world has...

  • Weftscapes: Jamdani Across New Horizons

    Weftscapes: Jamdani Across New Horizons

    Weftscapes examines a fresh approach to the creation and making of Jamdani fabrics, both in its weaving, choice of raw materials, patterns, designs and the end-product—a finished garment. Three inherently intertwined yet disparate stories come together for the first time in this...

  • Kindling Change: Fired Material Design Interventions in Ceramics and Glass for Living Sustainable Craft

    Kindling Change: Fired Material Design Interventions in Ceramics and Glass for Living Sustainable Craft

    The exhibition will seek to uncover a hidden narrative of transnational modernism in ceramics and glass within a national art history, which...

  • Shadow Play

    Shadow Play

    Shadow Play is an exploration of the technique of shadow puppets as intricate works of craft, illustrators of narratives and metaphors for good and bad. Who is good and who is bad in the oral narratives that are told with these shadows or are there only shades of grey? The exhibit includes...

  • St+art Goa

    St+art Goa

    Serendipity Arts Festival continues its association with St+art India Foundation, who will bring to Goa various street art projects, which enables artists to explore, reimagine and transform the urbanscape of Goa Goa’s cultural history and its possible futures through art on Panjim walls....

  • Mundo Goa

    Mundo Goa

    The history of India's western coastline is written in the ebb and flow of ocean tides, and the constant passage of voyagers who profoundly shaped the history and culture of the ancient entrepôt called Goa. At the very heart of this civilisational experience is globalisation on an epic...

  • Call to Dis-order: Experiments with Practice and Research

    Call to Dis-order: Experiments with Practice and Research

    Call to Dis-order is an outcome of the annual courses conducted by Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Serendipity Arts Foundation, over the past three years. The...

  • Virtuality as Reality

    Virtuality as Reality

    Invited to participate in the Serendipity Festival, the Musée d’Art moderne de Paris offers an exhibition entitled Virtuality as Reality. Based on a selection of films from the museum's collection, the project reflects the idea of virtuality that irrigates ever more...

  • Dharti Arts Residency

    Dharti Arts Residency

    Dharti Arts Residency is a three-month artists’ residency based in New Delhi. Conceptualised as an intensive, studio-based residency for emerging artists, Dharti provides its residents space and resources to develop their practice, work on a new project, and interact with the broader art...

  • Pneumatic Sound Field – Sound Interventions

    Pneumatic Sound Field – Sound Interventions

    In the installation Pneumatic Sound Field, a continuum is being created between rhythmical perception of sound, spatial perception of sound and the perception of pitch. A horizontal plane of pneumatic valves is used to produce wind, pressure and sound. The result is a breathing sound environment...

  • Winds of Change – Sound Interventions

    Winds of Change – Sound Interventions

    A motor powered mobile sculpture is suspended from a height or upon a tree. Hanging from it are oscillating tiles depicting 20 virtues and 20 vices. This formation is rigged up with a console that is being fed live sound via mics placed inside shadow boxes at the venue. The shadow boxes instruct...

  • Imagined Documents

    Imagined Documents

    Looking at the staged photograph that flits between reality and fiction, the show aims to focus on works that employ various sorts of strategies and techniques to tell their story. These could involve recreating scenes from memory, constructing elaborate sets, or telling personal encounters....

  • Sadaarang


    Among the different genres of Hindustani vocal music, khayal stands out as a prominent form for melodic, rhythmic and textual exploration. Hundreds and thousands of khayal compositions created over the past few centuries and composed by contemporary composers, act as seed-ideas for vocalists to...

  • Bandish Antaakshari

    Bandish Antaakshari

    Bandish antaakshari, a performance-based game, portrays compositions (bandish) from the Hindustani art music tradition through antaakshari, an engaging recreational pastime that revolves round popular music from films. It seeks to make traditional repertoire accessible to uninitiated audiences...

  • Dhun Mela

    Dhun Mela

    Folk songs sung in different languages across India reflect the cultural diversity that has always existed in the country. These songs relate to various aspects of human existence, responding to the joys and challenges of everyday life. Whether songs marking the rites of passage or work-related...

  • Serendipity Soundscapes—Dil ki Baatein: Affairs of the Heart in Song

    Serendipity Soundscapes—Dil ki Baatein: Affairs of the Heart in Song

    Serendipity Soundscapes is a unique initiative by Serendipity Arts Festival. Our music curators are invited to bring together the unique sounds of...

  • River Raga

    River Raga

    A favourite of the audiences! Given the success of the last editions of River Raga project, this edition of the Festival will see the musical ferries being revisited—with more showtimes and different artists, these cruises will happen throughout the Festival.  16 December,...

  • Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajasthan Express

    Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajasthan Express

    A unique collaboration between Israeli musician Shye Ben Tzur and Rajasthani musicians and singers. 

  • Dastaan Live

    Dastaan Live

    We live in the world’s largest democracy. However, there is a parallel narrative unfolding in the streets, the villages, the rivers and the forests of India. Values that we took for granted are being twisted, upended and diluted, a new set of values are swiftly taking their place. A...

  • Louiz Banks and Braz Gonzalves

    Louiz Banks and Braz Gonzalves

    An evening of jazz with Louiz Banks, the godfather of Indian jazz! 

  • Karsh Kale Presents Classical Science Fiction

    Karsh Kale Presents Classical Science Fiction

    A performance by renowned musician, record-producer, songwriter, composer and DJ Karsh Kale.  Photo Credit: Suraj Warrier

  • Gulon Mein Rang Bhare with Azeezon ki toli: A Performance by Rekha Bharadwaj

    Gulon Mein Rang Bhare with Azeezon ki toli: A Performance by Rekha Bharadwaj

    A renowned multilingual Indian playback singer, Rekha Bharadwaj is known for her distinctive style of singing. She has won Global Indian Music...

  • Music in the Park

    Music in the Park

    Concerts in the park by a variety of musicians and bands. Genres range from jazz to fusion, pop to retro and blues to funk.   15 December, 2019 | Still Waters  16 December, 2019 | Latin Monks 17 December, 2019 | Maria e Neil 18 December, 2019 | The Aviv...

  • The Landscape of Human Emotions

    The Landscape of Human Emotions

    In Indian classical dance—literature, music and dance are woven together into a beautiful tapestry of emotions. Bhava, or feeling, is an important component in dance.  Even in the fifth century poems we find these emotive songs. The poems reveal endless emotion at every...

  • Identity


    A series of two performances and a panel discussion curated on the theme of ‘Identity’ by Leela Samson.      

  • Prathyasha


    What humanity faces today is the result of our day-to-day karma. For the most part, it is us, humans, who are the reason for natural disasters. How can art play a role in reversing this trend, in taking us to a greater awareness of our actions and their impact on the world? Three artists and...

  •  Chhau


    A comprehensive presentation of three forms of Chhau : Seraikella, Mayurbhanj and Purulia. Each style is distinct, drawing from the rich traditions and history of their respective regions of origin and practice, deeply rooted in their varied contexts yet representative of formal properties of...

  • Seetaparahana: A performance in the tradition of Yakshagana

    Seetaparahana: A performance in the tradition of Yakshagana

    A performance of select scenes from the epic Ramayana, narrating the spurning of Suparnakha by Rama and Laxmana, which instigated the abduction of Sita by Ravana. Performend in the style of...

  • On a Different Note

    On a Different Note

    On a Different Note is imagined as an immersive theatrical experience through the sound of music. We invite the audience to join us and let the power of the human voice move us both emotionally and physically as we travel through time and space. The project aims to traverse a sensorial...

  • Photo-Copy


    Photo-Copy is a tale about a blemished family of four living individuals and the hope of the existence of a ‘late’ member. An irreparable loss of the head of the family: a husband and father leave the rest in a state of uncertainty. The eldest sibling Om Prakash, an actor by...

  • Eidgah ke Jinnat

    Eidgah ke Jinnat

    Ashrafi and Bilal are orphaned siblings stranded and defined by the troubles in Kashmir. 18-year-old Bilal is the pride of the region, part of a teenage football team set for great heights and pushed to the limits by the violence around them. Haunted by hope, his sister is caught in the past,...

  • Sounding Vanya

    Sounding Vanya

    [1] "Where the tune is familiar and the end emphatic - lovers united, villains discomfited, intrigues exposed - as it is in most Victorian fiction, we can scarcely go wrong, but where the tune is unfamiliar and the end a note of interrogation or merely the information that they went on...

  • Bhaagi Hui Ladkiyan

    Bhaagi Hui Ladkiyan

    A selection of stories that begin on a random day, are first-hand retellings of day-to-day life in Nizamuddin Basti. The spectator is invited to enter the performer's world—through the everydayness of the narrative. The stories emphasise how gender and sexuality plays out in the...

  • Table Radica: Habib

    Table Radica: Habib

    Table Radica: Habib Table Radica is a food table, an archival table, a listener’s table. Audiences are invited to gather around the table, become visitors, friends, tasters and witnesses to a radical life led on stage and beyond. If we form ourselves by the books we feed on, the...

  • The Wedding of the Frogs

    The Wedding of the Frogs

    The children of Camarabhat in Panjim use poetry, music, and dance to tell a story of ecological regeneration that serves as a journey of self-discovery for a community. Duration: 55 mins. Languages: Hindi, Konkani, Kannada

  • Aurat! Aurat! Aurat!

    Aurat! Aurat! Aurat!

    ‘I do not write about the farmer and the mill worker because I do not know their lives well enough. I empathise more with the travails of the middle and lower middle classes.’ – Ismat Chugtai Selections from Ismat Chugtai's autobiography form the opening segment of our...

  • Spotlight on the Margins

    Spotlight on the Margins

    There are many layers of marginalisation that have stemmed since time immemorial owing to stereotypes and stigmas. It's time for the paradigms to change and allow for voices to be heard and to shed light on issues that need social awareness. In the years to come Spotlight on the Margins...

  • Please Feel at Home

    Please Feel at Home

    A woman is getting ready to welcome a young man, who has rented a room in her house—her son’s room. She feels uncomfortable that a stranger will be staying in this room and she is uncertain about what to say to him when he arrives. The man has an unusual name. This leads her to...

  • Casa (Theatre for Early Years)

    Casa (Theatre for Early Years)

    Casa explores the idea of 'being home'. Told through objects and materials, this play wishes to take the viewer on a journey of what it truly means to be home.

  • Theatre For Early Years

    Theatre For Early Years

    Early experiences in the theatre allow young children an indelible experience that is deeply sensorial and perhaps even contributes to the beginning of their aesthetic journeys. Toddlers' theatre is an endeavour to this end. Toddlers experience time, space and action in a more...

  • Home (Theatre for Early Years)

    Home (Theatre for Early Years)

    Home is a non-verbal sensorial show for infants. At first, there is nothing, and then a sound—a person with a huge bundle and the bundle holds a whole world; a world of many possibilities and stories, and when the whole bundle is unravelled—what fills up the once bare...

  • Hayavadana


    The central idea behind the two-hour play is the question—what does one love in someone? Do we love their mind, or their heart? Here, the heart is representative of the body and the tangible, while the head represents the intangible—wisdom, poetry. 'Hayavadana' was...

  • Shelter


    Shelter is a monumental participatory installation created by assembling cardboard modules of identical shape and size, by interlocking, without using tape or glue. Shelter is an interactive proposal for an audience that is in transit and is diverted from its primary purpose to participate in...

  • Boy with a Suitcase

    Boy with a Suitcase

    ‘Boy with a Suitcase’ is Ranga Shankara’s flagship production—a unique Indo-German collaboration that brings together people of different nationalities to make a play that relates to all of us. A play written by Mike Kenny about migration and the idea of home, it was...

  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time

    Once upon a time... is a dance statement on the power of imagination. It is a concept that brings together multiple art forms under one roof—dance, storytelling, music, craft, puppetry, illustration and magic. It gets you curious, makes you wonder, urges you to be inquisitive and...

  • On the Move

    On the Move

    As an artiste, Mayuri Upadhya has witnessed and participated in festivals where dance is defined only by its form and skill. As a curator, her desire is to break that pattern and go beyond. The concept of recreating a street dance battle is a small way in which dance can be accessed and...

  • Maher Raas

    Maher Raas

    Maher community belongs to the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, and have played a major role in the 1600 years history of the region. Traditionally a warrior community that turned settled agriculturists, Maher in the past danced to celebrate holi, to celebrate victory over cattle raiders or...

  • The Kamshet Project

    The Kamshet Project

    Conceived at a farmhouse in the small town of Kamshet, The Kamshet Project experiments with transitioning realities. Nine highly skilled dancers were put under house arrest and cut off from all social and familial ties! It was an experiment to go beyond the physical text of dance and explore the...

  • Reflections of Time

    Reflections of Time

    Two select dance productions, ‘Maanini’ and ‘Red Dress Wali Ladki’, curated by Mayuri Upadhya on the theme of ‘Reflections of Time’.

  • Maanini – Expressions of Love (Reflections of Time)

    Maanini – Expressions of Love (Reflections of Time)

    Bharatanatyam has seen tremendous growth in the past decades or so, from its original format as Sadirattam, and after it was rechristened as Bharatanatyam and now to its modern avatar—it is extremely interesting to see the growth and the transformation that this form, one of India’s...

  • Red Dress Waali Ladki (Reflections of Time)

    Red Dress Waali Ladki (Reflections of Time)

    Red Dress Waali Ladki, was born out of the Diya Naidu’s response to the brutal crimes against women in India. Through the research and introspection that went into making the work, she decided to talk about the layered, subtle experience of the woman, who is seemingly liberated but...

  • Comedy Wagon

    Comedy Wagon

    An evening of stand-up comedy featuring Sapan Verma, Prashasti Singh, Pavitra Shetty and Srijan Kaushik.

  • invisible


    invisible is a game which sends you into your public space to play a collective game. With a small group of 8 to 12 people, starting from a short score and account of a previous experience, you carry out minuscule interventions. Together, you create a tiny situation, sensible but invisible, of...

  • Sound Interventions

    Sound Interventions

    'Sound Interventions' is a curation of five projects by Sneha Khanwalkar: Bass Holograms; The Long and Short of It; Pneumatic Sound Field; StepPer; and Winds of Change.

  • Bass Holograms – Sound Interventions

    Bass Holograms – Sound Interventions

    Exploring the bare bones of bass frequencies, the torpor of oscillations, a relationship to silence unfolds within Bass Holograms and takes the audience to the very edge of sound, inside time, into the swirls of an ‘electronic raga’. Rhythm, mass, fabric—from noise-based...

  • The Long and Short of It – Sound Interventions

    The Long and Short of It – Sound Interventions

    The Long and Short of It is a durational sound and performance installation. In a sparse landscape of microphones and amplifiers, bodies find, occupy and are displaced from land. Each body must...

  • StepPer – Sound Interventions

    StepPer – Sound Interventions

    2nd Line is an interactive percussion unit, which allows for full integration of dance and music. A musician can dance any percussion sound and/ or rhythmic ensemble; Conversely a dancer the same. 2nd Line is the 8th generational form of Bucussion, an invention of Steve Buchanan, who designed...

  • Lovers of God – Identity

    Lovers of God – Identity

    "Beyond the boundries of mortal exsistence! Enraptured in Eternity!" A performance by India's first transgender Bharatanatyam dancer Dr. Narthaki Nataraj, depicts the story of those devotees who have gone beyond the norms of this world and have united with the...

  • Navajanardana – Identity

    Navajanardana – Identity

    Bhamakalapam/Navajanardana parijatham, is a story about Sri Krishna and Satyabhama. Satyabhama is a distinct prabandha nayika (key female protagonist) in Telugu literature. The role of Satyabhama as Krishna's consort counters the tradition of featuring Radha as the companion, which is...

  • Still Waters - Music in the park

    Still Waters - Music in the park

      Still Waters  Still Waters is a Jazz, Funk, Latin Band led by ace drummer Lester Godhino, vocalist Daniella Rodrigues, with Jason Quadros on keyboard, and drummer Merwyn Mascarenhas.  

  • Latin Monks - Music In The Park

    Latin Monks - Music In The Park

    Latin Monks Latin Monks Latin Monks is led by Elvis Lobo, a guitarist/composer based in Goa, and one of the most versatile guitar players in the country. He began playing in 1995 and has played with different international set ups at the biggest music festivals around the world (Big chill,...

  • The Aviv Projekt - Music In the park

    The Aviv Projekt - Music In the park

    The Aviv Projekt The Aviv Projekt is the vessel that carries forward the musical vision of singer/songwriter Aviv Pereira’s passion for music and live performance. Currently the band...

  • Xavier Peres - Music in the park

    Xavier Peres - Music in the park

    Join us for an evening of jazz music with Xavier Peres, who is among Goa's most accomplished jazz talent. A versatile pianist from Goa whos been around in the scene for more than 25 years, Xavier has performed within India and in the UK with many of Goa's greats including Chris Perry,...

  • Ranjit Arapurakal Quartet - music in the park

    Ranjit Arapurakal Quartet - music in the park

    Ranjit Arapurakal Project Join us for an enthralling performance by Ranjit Arapurakal. Ranjit is a singer-songwriter and international recording artist signed to his own label, Bandra Records....

  • Maria e Neil - Music in the park

    Maria e Neil - Music in the park

    Maria e Neil are a duo that performs Jazz music with influences from around the world, such as Bossa Nova, Retro Jazz and Fusion. Being experienced musicians in a wide variety of genres, this duo...

  • Communicating the Region: Institutional crossovers from S. Asia

    Communicating the Region: Institutional crossovers from S. Asia

    Over the last decade, there has been in a growing interest in S. Asia for its relay of transnational histories. Within and outside institutions in the country, there has been a tremendous wave on...

  • Work in Progress—Artist Talks

    Work in Progress—Artist Talks

    Talks by featured artists accompanying the exhibition, 'Work in Progress (Working Title)' curated by Sudarshan Shetty. About  Chandra Bhan Prasad's house is home to the Dalit Goddess ‘English’. Author of the idea of Dalit Capitalism, a Dalit himself, Prasad is...

  • Connecting Realities - A Symposium on Theatre and Its Realities

    Connecting Realities - A Symposium on Theatre and Its Realities

    Image: Photograph by Umeed Mistry. __________________________________ A theatre that stands in close relationship to real events in the world is the starting point for our two-and- half day...

  • Of Other Places

    Of Other Places

    The staggering growth of periodic/permanent, independent and area-based art interventions, in the form of festivals, biennales, sites and community experiments raises various points of enquiry. We take site to extend beyond the physical and architectonic environment, to networks of power,...

  • Imagined Documents—Artist Talks

    Imagined Documents—Artist Talks

    Working with particular narratives of our times, based in issues of consumerism, marginalisation, alienation, violence, ecological destruction etc., these artists adopt image making strategies which transcend immediate boundaries of the ‘real’ and ‘fictional’ to suggest a...

  • Mundo Goa Dialogues

    Mundo Goa Dialogues

    Schedule   15th December/ Sunday   4:00 - 6:00 pm: Introductory Presentation - Azulejo (at Instituto Camoes)   A presentation accompanying Azulejo—an exhibition features 25 Goa-based artists under the age of 40 years, who first came together in June...