Table Radica


CURATORIAL ADVISOR Poppy Seed Lab (Virkein Dhar); Amitesh Grover; Sarah Mariam; Kaushik Ramaswamy

19 DEC

Table Radica is a food table, an archival table, a listener’s table. Audiences are invited to gather around the table, become visitors, friends, tasters and witnesses to a radical life led on stage and beyond.

If we form ourselves by the books we feed on, the friendships we savour, the camaraderie we let simmer and the journeys we relish, a radical life has a beginning in what is consumed. Table Radica is an edible mashup, historical archive, a recipe of life, performance and critique. In an immersive experience of memoirs with food, found documents and music, all sorts of stimuli are brought to the table to touch, to taste, to see or to hold. Foregrounding the relationships of aesthetics and personal sensibilities, we contemplate taste as and in performance.

Table Radica is created as an episodic five-part series, that share the lives of reformers from Modern Indian Theatre, who challenged the status quo and forged their own paths.