Traditional Goan Bread Making (Uniquely Goan)

CURATED BY Prahlad Sukhtankar


21 DEC
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The workshop on ‘Traditional Goan Bread Making’ led by Shaeen and Wilson Gomes, will focus on how Goan bread came into existence, the making of different types of bread, and how the bread making occupation is perceived in today’s ‘Modern Goa’ and the various initiatives taken up by younger generations to restore its significance.

I. The visual presentation will comprise of the following

1. History and introduction of bread by the Portuguese in Goa                                                                   

2. Bread as an integral part of every Goan’s life                                                                                         

3. Introduction to types of bread—Pao, Poiee, Katre Pao, Poxe and Kankonn                                             

4. Demonstration on the process of bread making                                                                                         

5. Use of coconut toddy (traditional method) and the use of Yeast (modern substitute) in bread making   

6. Baking bread in a traditional wood fired oven VS electric ovens                                                             

7. GI (Geographical Indication) for toddy bread                                                                                           

8. ‘Proud To Be Poder’—an attempt to make this occupation an inspiring source to inculcate the value of ‘Dignity of Labour’ in every other traditional occupations of Goa                                                               

 9. Creating job opportunities—overcoming the shortage of labour (bakers)

Duration: 30 minutes

II. Tasting session 

1. Types of bread

2. Bread made with toddy and yeast

3. Wood fired baked and electric oven baked bread

Duration: 15 minutes

III. Q & A (15 mins)

Duration: 15 minutes